Jerusalem Post: Kadima MK calls on German gov't to confront Iran

FRANKFURT – Kadima’s director-general and MK Yohanan Plesner told over 1,000 Israel supporters on Sunday at a historic German conference titled Together for Israel, devoted exclusively to promoting solidarity and security for the Jewish state, that “we need a Germany that not only talks the talk, but a Germany that will face the Iranian threat.”

Plesner echoed the criticisms of many of the speakers and participants who argued that the German government was not meeting its international responsibility to stop Iran’s alleged drive to obtain nuclear weapons.

“German companies are profiting from Iran,” Plesner said. “It is in Germany’s interest – not only morally and ethically – to face Iran before it becomes a nuclear threat. This is a real threat, and this real threat requires real action.”

He added that he hopes that “Germany will have the guts and wisdom to send a clear message,” because Germany and Israel share the same values.

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